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The Senior Club continues to be a vital and active group.  Heartfelt thanks for generous donations from J.T. Tai Foundation and to all of our Center members who contribute in support of senior programs.  there is increased interest in this program and the senior membership has doubled this year.  Seniors range in age from those newly retired to several who are ninety plus years young.  Our members are helpful and offer each other comfort, advice and support.  Some are designated drivers and others step in to give each other rides.  The seniors have many mutual interests and fortunately for all, the joy of sharing potluck meals.  We are happy that many generously brings items to complete the lunches.

This spring, several seniors were honored by Nassau County with certificates for their long time participation in the Center and community activities.  Over the past year, seniors learned origami and how to fold dollar bills into mini shirts.  We made blossoms and goldfish from red Chinese New Year envelopes.  We continued to enjoy judging the Center's annual children's art contest.  You can always find another fellow knitter or crocheter. A popular feature at the senior meetings is table tennis.  Also, there are three, even four tables of happy mahjong players.

The Senior club continues the mission of our Center by not just only helping each other, but also helping our communities.  Many members have contributed generously to Sandy victims, by donating money, food and clothing.  When the Center had a garage sale, seniors donated many items of clothing, kitchen goods, toys and sundry items.  

New members are always welcome to the Center.  Do come and find new friends, work on interesting projects and have fun too!  We meet twice a month and the meeting dates are announced in the CCLI monthly newsletter.


Betty Leong, Lily Lee, and Mona Ng - Senior Program Coordinators

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