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On Wednesday during the day you will hear men and women excitingly mixing mahjong tiles and conversing in English, Cantonese and Mandarin.  Originated in China, this game of skill, strategy, calculations and some degree of chance, commonly involve four players picking up and discarding tiles in the pursuit of a 'winning ' hand.  Such a hand would consist of an eye (one pair) and 4 groups of 3 suited tiles (either all the same or in sequence).  there are three suits numbered one through nine - Bamboo (sticks), Circle (dots), and Characters (mahn gee).  There are also a set of four tiles for each of the four winds (East, South, West, North) and 3 dragons (Red, Green, White), a set of 4 flowers and 4 seasons in the entire set of 144 tiles.  Come meet new friends and rediscover this fun past-time of your parents and elders. Date posted in the monthly newsletter.


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