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Great communicators become the most successful and productive members of every society known to man. Great communicators are first and foremost effective speakers. They have honed their oral communication skills and their written and reading skills as well. It is these communicators who will benefit most in meeting the impressive opportunities that will cross their paths in their lifetimes. It is they who will become the movers and shakers of our society.

How can our young people become great communicators? How can they acquire skills which can be immediately transitioned into the classroom, the home, and in public?

In our society, every type of communication is impressive in all its forms. The most important are our oral communication skills. Through our workshop series, Fern Rashkover, Distinguished Toast Master will give them a strong foundation in oral and written communication skills.

The Center offers children our program “Young Public Speakers Workshop” which we have included as part of our mission to provide a holistic approach to a communication educational approach to our youngsters.

Your child will acquire sweet lifetime benefits in becoming an effective speaker. Your child will learn by working in a completely interactive communication program.


  • Your child will be able to organize their thoughts enabling them to make a presentation

  • to motivate action and/or have their audience appreciate an important message.

  •  Your child will acquire self-confidence and greater self-esteem.

  •  Your child will overcome nervousness.

  •  Your child will become a great communicator.

  •  Your child will reap the rewards of success through his/her acquisition of great communication skills.

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