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The Center is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization committed to provide programs to foster a respect, and appreciation of the culture and contributions made by the Chinese and Chinese-Americans to the community-at-large. 


     The Chinese Center is the embodiment of the hopes and aspirations of all who come seeking to enrich their lives culturally, educationally and socially through a variety of Chinese and American cultural programs.

     Who we are is reflected in our diverse interests and pursuits.  Here at the Center, so many of us have been able to engage in an enormous variety of activities.

The Center’s policies and the supervision of our vast cultural programs are conducted by dedicated board members, committee leaders and volunteers. Our cultural programs range from Chinese language classes for children and adults, planned trips and monthly meetings to outreach programs. At monthly general meetings and scheduled weekends, we have speakers who address cultural and contemporary topics such as Chinese history, music, arts, literature, entertainment, cooking and arts and crafts. A broad range of contemporary programs in health sciences, financial and tax planning, defensive driving, and genealogy are also offered among many others.

      At the Center, you can join activities that include Cantonese and Mandarin classes, the Senior Club, computer workshops, the Ballroom Dance Club, the Table Tennis Club, the MahJong Club, the Toastmasters Club, and the performing arts classes such as Traditional Folk Dance and Lion Troupe Dance.  The Center also provides scholarships to young CCLI members who have shown leadership skills in their schools, communities and at CCLI.

     Many of our young members have come back as volunteers and worked side by side with our long time veteran members. The work is important, satisfaction is their reward and time well spent. Come visit us and you too will see that there is much much more.

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