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Elderly People Chatting Together

Our Senior Club continues to be a vital, active group, with members ranging in age from newly retired to those who are 80+ years young. Not only is the community supported by donations from the J.T. Tai Foundation and other Center members, but our seniors offer each other comfort, advice, and support. Popular features at senior meetings include table tennis, karaoke, mahjong, and often, home-cooked potluck meals that attendees generously bring to complete the lunches. At these meetings, members find those with mutual interests—knitting and crocheting are especially common!

Many of our seniors have been honored by Nassau County for their long-time participation at the Center and in the local community. These activities have included judging CCLI's annual children's New Year Art Contest, making and tabling giveaway items during Lunar New Year and Asian American Heritage Month, and donating time and items to garage sales here at the Chinese Center. Additionally, many contribute money, food, and clothing to veterans, victims of Hurricane Sandy, and relief efforts in Ukraine, Turkey, and Syria.

We are always welcoming new members! Come find new friends, work on interesting projects, and have fun too. Meetings are held twice a month, with meetings announced in the CCLI monthly members' newsletter.

Coordinators: Betty Leong, Janice Chew, Sham Gee, and Lily Soo

    SENIOR CLUB     

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